Seducing my Boyfriend PRANK!

25 iun. 2019
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  • 😂😂😂

    Elizabeth AtkinsonElizabeth AtkinsonAcum 6 Zile
  • If she did the same prank this year it'd be way cooler...

    Kush UnadkatKush UnadkatAcum 17 Zile
  • Prude ! I woulda “helped” her out 🤣🤣

    Eric RiveraEric RiveraAcum lună
  • Can you imagine if a guy was constantly throwing his girlfriend on the bed trying to have sex with her as she was saying "no! Stop! Get off!" So why is what Kate is doing okay? Such a double standard.

    Brandon ManleyBrandon ManleyAcum 2 luni
  • lol slaiman would have ran is it was 2020

    Ryan FernandesRyan FernandesAcum 2 luni
  • I love how he say “ Stop”

    Kara SchneiderKara SchneiderAcum 2 luni
  • Kate: "You're acting like a big baby." Slaiman: "I am a big baby Kate." I'm laughing so hard!! 🤣 🤣

    Wicked GamerWicked GamerAcum 2 luni
  • He could have a felt a. Little better. After all she is sick. She doesn't have typhoid or diarrhea.

    RajesHRajesHAcum 2 luni
  • He was mean for the first time to her.kind of disappointed on him

    Perfectly ImperfectPerfectly ImperfectAcum 3 luni
  • and this is how coronavirus started

    TheMasked KillerTheMasked KillerAcum 3 luni
  • Dramatic jacket throw

    Branden T-TBranden T-TAcum 3 luni
  • Corona 😧

    ExpatrociousExpatrociousAcum 3 luni
  • Not you Slaiman, your not prank guy, Katie is the best prank

    Kevin Pineda Fuentes with Spider ManKevin Pineda Fuentes with Spider ManAcum 3 luni
  • Cool video Katie

    Kevin Pineda Fuentes with Spider ManKevin Pineda Fuentes with Spider ManAcum 3 luni
  • මෙහි නැත මෙහි නැත ඔයා ඇත්තටම එහෙම කිව්වද මට ඇත්තටම ඇසුණේ එයද වචන මගේ හිසෙහි දෝංකාර දෙයි මෙහි නැත මෙහි නැත

    Kellie NashKellie NashAcum 3 luni
  • Wait just a frikin minute. Slaiman you have a beautiful women trying to seduce you, sick or not, and you won’t go with the flow. Give up your man card.🤬🤬🤬

    No ProblemsNo ProblemsAcum 3 luni
  • People in 2019: This is hilarious😂😂😂 People in 2020: This should be Illegal‼️😱😷

    Jorge Gonzalez HaydenJorge Gonzalez HaydenAcum 3 luni
    • Superlord22 Same so I took the opportunity 😁 thanks for the comment

      Jorge Gonzalez HaydenJorge Gonzalez HaydenAcum 3 luni
    • I was really hoping there was a comment about this 😅

      Superlord22Superlord22Acum 3 luni
  • Funny x

    Marie Cyprien-TaylorMarie Cyprien-TaylorAcum 4 luni
  • Close your eyes and let your imagination run wild.

    Kevin FKevin FAcum 4 luni
  • Kate gains superhuman strength when she's sick.

    hadlee73hadlee73Acum 4 luni
  • That "you need to be quiet"...

  • What would she have done if he said, fuck it! Let’s do this!”

    Stephen TaylorStephen TaylorAcum 4 luni
  • This just remembered me of a "Friends" episode when Monica seducing Chandler when she is sick..😂😂

    Kamaldas KSKamaldas KSAcum 4 luni
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Seal 123Seal 123Acum 4 luni
  • Ooooohhohhhh

    SamairaSamairaAcum 4 luni
  • Thumbs up if you, like me, wish you looked as good as Kate does while sick.

    sineadbradyfansineadbradyfanAcum 4 luni

    Panda BearPanda BearAcum 5 luni
  • 6:58 What her brother heard: I'm not actually doing this, this is you doing it with my fingers. Ahhh FUCK MEEE Let me massage you Relax there's two tits RELAX RELAX

    Aleks SebAleks SebAcum 5 luni
  • 0:07 That is just perfect appreciation after he literally bought you a car.

    Aleks SebAleks SebAcum 5 luni
  • Noone: the kid sitting next to me in class: 5:52

    MrUchiMrUchiAcum 5 luni
  • Okay i dont know why but i just feel like i dont want a girlfriend anymore🤔

    Deep MaruDeep MaruAcum 5 luni
  • She tried the Monica Technique.... But He ain't Chandler😂😂😂😂

    Bhushan SapkalBhushan SapkalAcum 5 luni
  • Who’s watching after corona?

    JoshuaJoshuaAcum 5 luni
  • #teamkate

  • Imaging her trying to seduce him not In a prank Awkward...

    A . AA . AAcum 6 luni
  • Wouldn't be a funny prank atm

    Matt SteadMatt SteadAcum 6 luni
  • “My face is between your breasts”🤣🤣

    Jasmine LopezJasmine LopezAcum 6 luni
  • I wouldn’t mind being seduced even if my gf was sick

    qtRespxctqtRespxctAcum 6 luni
  • Slaiman is so scared to be seduced

    qtRespxctqtRespxctAcum 6 luni
  • If these two are an actual couple and not just a ROones Video farm for views I've got a bridge to sell you.

    frank2398frank2398Acum 6 luni
  • 3:00 COVID-19 is spreading

    CFLancer GamerCFLancer GamerAcum 6 luni
  • She love raped him . He hate sex.

    Mohamed MohamedMohamed MohamedAcum 6 luni
  • 3:00 I’ve never cringed harder in my life

    Drew MonDrew MonAcum 6 luni
  • Coronavirus won’t last long because it’s made in China

    The Dreaded FredThe Dreaded FredAcum 6 luni
  • This is where corona started

    roberts 32roberts 32Acum 6 luni
  • Who else is watching this during coronavirus

    Flame GameFlame GameAcum 6 luni
  • I bet he wishes he has mask now 😷

    Danika BreeDanika BreeAcum 6 luni
  • *Coronavirus has entered the chat*

    HaywoodHaywoodAcum 6 luni
  • Now I have to be honest. I really like Slaiman's pranks - he does a good job getting Kate all worked up. Good stuff there. But Kate, her pranks usually make me giggle like an idiot the entire time she's doing them. OMG too funny! In the real world there is no choice between a) making out with Kate b) getting Kate's cold. Herd immunity, right? 😁

    Jason ShriverJason ShriverAcum 6 luni
  • Slaaaaaiman?? WTF dude? I have major problems with germs as well but I have to say you're messing up big time here. F*c* the germs...Lol. I don't know how Slaiman can resist anything she wants him to do at all! Funny video too! I loved the "Shh, My Brother Is Just Outside...You Need To Be Quiet" Lol

    T LeepT LeepAcum 7 luni
  • I literally could not stop laughing when he said "ohhp my face is between your breasts"🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂

    Gabriela KleinGabriela KleinAcum 7 luni
  • TEAM KATE !!!

  • Watching this at covid 19 situation is more funny...

    Naveen KumarNaveen KumarAcum 7 luni
  • So you just made him sick

    Hannaneh STMHannaneh STMAcum 7 luni
  • Can you do this prank again but when you are not sick to see how he would react??😋😋

    melany martinez938melany martinez938Acum 7 luni
  • Would have worked if wasn't sick

    Michael VonhavenMichael VonhavenAcum 7 luni
  • The question I have you guys been together for years. And havent got married

    Belkis HernandezBelkis HernandezAcum 7 luni
  • I love your video

    Kevin Pineda Fuentes with Spider ManKevin Pineda Fuentes with Spider ManAcum 7 luni
  • My name is Kevin

    Kevin Pineda Fuentes with Spider ManKevin Pineda Fuentes with Spider ManAcum 7 luni
  • Hi guys

    Kevin Pineda Fuentes with Spider ManKevin Pineda Fuentes with Spider ManAcum 7 luni
  • I think this video would get more views if it was titled Seducing my Boyfriend while sick. Did Slaiman get sick?

    gutenbirdgutenbirdAcum 7 luni
  • legit he is like "wtf r u doing"

    WolfyWolfyAcum 7 luni
  • Hey, sorry Slaimen, but aren´t you too hypersensitive :-). Honestly, i would not care about her sickness.

    fnousekfnousekAcum 8 luni
  • 🤣🤣🤣

    Tanya MillerTanya MillerAcum 8 luni
  • That’s what I call rapping 🤫🤫😂

    Imad SoyImad SoyAcum 8 luni
  • 5:40 Slaiman : WhAT THE FU.... OHH.. William : I guess I have to leave the house then

    Tedwin TansanTedwin TansanAcum 8 luni
  • 5:02 my face is between your breast 😂😂😂

    Evie synnottEvie synnottAcum 8 luni
  • Ima say what we all thinking they don’t smash

    It's yer boy PkIt's yer boy PkAcum 8 luni
  • 0:22 SHE GOT CORONA 😮😮😮😮🤦‍♀️

    KREATER 101KREATER 101Acum 8 luni
  • That ass

    SoS CaTSoS CaTAcum 8 luni
  • You don't diserve her , how dare You shit mmmmmmmm if she was my wife i will lick....... . And fuck her...... why why

    SoS CaTSoS CaTAcum 8 luni
  • Hahaha idk why Kate's pranks and Slaiman reaction makes me laugh so hard lol 😂😂😂 Love it

    M PowerM PowerAcum 8 luni
  • When he keeps saying fuck me LOL

    Lets Be RealLets Be RealAcum 8 luni
  • There’s a tissue down my back… OK goodbye Kate.

    Lets Be RealLets Be RealAcum 8 luni
  • When she calls directly into his mouth LMAO

    Lets Be RealLets Be RealAcum 8 luni
  • The way she pounced LOL I died

    Lets Be RealLets Be RealAcum 8 luni
  • Corinavirus! Coronavirus!

    sullysullyAcum 8 luni
  • lol hahahahahah

    Vajeeha KaiserVajeeha KaiserAcum 9 luni
  • when she coughed in his face i lost it LOL

    JustCallMeZiJustCallMeZiAcum 9 luni
  • Had me cracking up 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Kainat MohsinKainat MohsinAcum 9 luni
  • Yall make me feel so single. :")) i also hope you guys last forever please keep making videos

    Daniel HaqimDaniel HaqimAcum 9 luni
  • nowwaahhh.. i know everyone noted that too.

    Cool Rider25Cool Rider25Acum 9 luni
  • your girlfriend has a beautiful nose.

    Antonio WilsonAntonio WilsonAcum 9 luni
  • Kate:I like that pants Slaiman:I like them too that's why I bought them🤣

    pavan sai kumar reddypavan sai kumar reddyAcum 9 luni
  • I dunno if it s just me and my mood or they r becomin borin

    Yume LotusYume LotusAcum 9 luni
  • Bruh I wonder how many simps instantly clicked on this video

    YatoYatoAcum 9 luni
  • i am a big baby kate i just rolled

    Akash BanariAkash BanariAcum 9 luni
  • 🤨 no guy regardless "she wants to smash" guys will be like umm no dont we will be like😏 well if you want to then well

    Mario MirelesMario MirelesAcum 9 luni
  • dis nigga gay

    dashie's bbgurldashie's bbgurlAcum 9 luni
  • 1:23 Was that what I thought it was? 😂😂

    Josh ClarkJosh ClarkAcum 9 luni
    • No I think she has her hand on his thigh...let's hope lol

      Randomness With MeRandomness With MeAcum 5 luni
  • "You're like a big baby" "I am a big baby, Kate"

    นิวศศิธรนิวศศิธรAcum 9 luni
  • He is a baby, he can’t have any kids. He will be too afraid of their cuddies

    Annie LaneAnnie LaneAcum 9 luni
  • 😂 give the partner viagra pill

    The boi’s 2003The boi’s 2003Acum 10 luni
  • I really don't like the fact the he doesnt want to kiss or hug her I feel bad😯😯🙁🙁😔

    Shoto TodorokiShoto TodorokiAcum 10 luni
  • I literally skipped through the video and in every frame, Slaiman was in a different position 😂

    MachineRobin// Apex67MachineRobin// Apex67Acum 10 luni
  • 3.00 the best part of the whole video

    Neerav MotarNeerav MotarAcum 10 luni
  • 5:39. Minecraft spider jumping on you.

    ariiaehariiaehAcum 10 luni
    • Lmao

      Arathi VidyasagarArathi VidyasagarAcum 7 luni
    • Bibi. A 🤣

      Sesto Alternative EvoSesto Alternative EvoAcum 9 luni
  • I still have to see the one when he bought you the car but this was hilarious!! LOL XD

    Detonater CallanDetonater CallanAcum 10 luni
  • I would be genuinely amazed if Slaiman didnt get that cold.

    gthbf1gthbf1Acum 10 luni
  • Did anyone notice his bulge..He was getting an erection :) Funny!!

    IRONFIST GamingIRONFIST GamingAcum 10 luni