Catching my Girlfriend CHEATING ON ME PRANK!

30 sep. 2017
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I wanted to see what would happen if my friends caught Kate blatantly CHEATING on me behind my back! I told them to come over to help me out with a 'Challenge' which was just a cover up to get them in the perfect situation to PRANK them! We decided to change it up for Tamara to see what she would do if she caught ME cheating on Kate. Check out what they did next...
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  • Be like Mikey....

    Souvik MisraSouvik MisraAcum 5 Zile
  • Mikey is a freaking legend lol

    Inayat khanInayat khanAcum 11 Zile
  • Dude on the green shirt is my Boyyyyyyy , started recoding straight away my man!!!! proof ! proof!! PROOF!!!!

    Rafael HoyosRafael HoyosAcum 11 Zile
  • simon reaction to mikey"i am all good" is hilarious

    Johari AwangJohari AwangAcum 16 Zile
  • Mikey look likes want kate too

    Yutuber AkohYutuber AkohAcum 17 Zile
  • Tamara is cute

    Yutuber AkohYutuber AkohAcum 17 Zile
  • Okay first of all why is it their business and what they do want yourself of their butts so invisible to their business try to stop s*** instigators can't stand me it's their relationship you guys have no say so or whatsoever what's going on prank or no prank

    David JonesDavid JonesAcum 27 Zile
  • Reading comments and be like - Who's Tamara and Mike? Watch the video and then be Ohhhh!!!

    Akash YadavAkash YadavAcum lună
  • Hugo is the real MVP. He wasn't having it. He recorded the betrayal, was quick to confront her about it, and when she wouldn't say, he piped up.

    BanyoBanyoAcum lună
  • What if one of their friends recorded the convo not as a proof but to blackmailKate/Slaiman??

    Kush UnadkatKush UnadkatAcum lună
  • Mikey not a care in the world!

    Mr. JMr. JAcum lună
  • I just started watching you guys and Mikey is making me laugh so much...I love him

    gloria asantegloria asanteAcum lună
  • Omg. Mikey hahahaha

    MKAY G.MKAY G.Acum lună

    minarinaminarinaAcum lună
  • Mikey's halarious. Just in his own planet. 😂

    Spartan 1590Spartan 1590Acum lună
  • Mikey is such a legend...

    Tom WalderTom WalderAcum lună
  • Roflamo if u ever rob a bank mikey is your wheel man

    Jonathan KennyJonathan KennyAcum lună
  • Lol Jake 😂

    PandakovPandakovAcum lună
  • I just love how pure Mikey is! ...

    Nerdy SnailieNerdy SnailieAcum lună
  • I’d be jake 💯

    Preston JonesPreston JonesAcum 2 luni
  • the smartest move is to record the shit so you dont let it talk for yourself

    CanoCanoAcum 2 luni
  • Hugo is a true bloke. Absolute goat. A legend some might say. That man did not waste a second whippin out the phone to record.

    BumboBumboAcum 2 luni
  • Mikey was trippin' on LSD probably.

    Sanidhya SoodSanidhya SoodAcum 2 luni
  • All of Mikey’s videos are awesome 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪 best reactions 😂😂😂😂

    Sushant YadavSushant YadavAcum 2 luni
  • Mannnnnnn I love Mikey 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Sushant YadavSushant YadavAcum 2 luni
  • The year is 2020 and I needed laugh thank you!!! Cheers mate! 🤣

    Jonathon BacaJonathon BacaAcum 2 luni
  • i liked that guy who record everything on his phone 🤭

    rohan khanrohan khanAcum 2 luni
  • Mikey, ahhh Mikey. SMH. He reminds me of a geriatric golden retriever.

    NytronNytronAcum 2 luni
  • for fuck sake Kate - pull your pants up higher

    Ausreflect IndustriesAusreflect IndustriesAcum 3 luni
  • I'm sure Mikey is High IQ person, doesn't give a shit

  • coming straight out the box with the voice record TRUE HOMIE

    Zack KluverZack KluverAcum 3 luni
  • Hugo is the TRUE🖤 FRIEND

    U F OU F OAcum 3 luni
  • Why Mikey so cute lol

    Ziying BuZiying BuAcum 3 luni
  • 99% of these comments are about how much we love Mikey 😂😂😂

    BigPhilGamingBigPhilGamingAcum 3 luni
  • The way Mikey replied “yeah” is priceless

    Yougot ProblemsYougot ProblemsAcum 3 luni
  • Mikey is soo cute🥰

    Shikha MishraShikha MishraAcum 3 luni
  • Your sister Is gorgeous 😍

    carlos garciacarlos garciaAcum 3 luni
  • We want to see Mike in most of your videos

    Ahmed abofaisalAhmed abofaisalAcum 3 luni
  • Mikey :) :) XD XD

    Rifat ul karim shovon ShovonRifat ul karim shovon ShovonAcum 3 luni
  • Ahead of your time lol.. this has been a new trend for couples in 2020

    Samantha FredericksSamantha FredericksAcum 3 luni
  • I miss their friends. They haven't been in a video in years.

    Andrea SolanoAndrea SolanoAcum 4 luni
  • Tamara is only beautiful

    Noel CoffeyNoel CoffeyAcum 4 luni
  • LOL, Kate is so big compared to Tamara

    Alexandru IacobescuAlexandru IacobescuAcum 4 luni
  • අවම වශයෙන් නොපැහැදිලි සමාන ආකාරයකින්නමුත් ඒ වෙනුවට මුළුමනින්ම වෙනස් ලෙස සිතුවා ඔහු

    Kristina BoydKristina BoydAcum 4 luni
  • Mikey did not fail the test. Mikey failed the test.

    TomFilmsTomFilmsAcum 4 luni
    • Wow so original!!!!!! (Sarcasm)

      eddieeddieAcum 4 luni
  • Mikey is a legend

    TomFilmsTomFilmsAcum 4 luni
  • mikey is an oblivious bean

    LunasambitionLunasambitionAcum 4 luni
  • It's great when u prank ur friends rather than ur GF 😁

    Apex Reigns30Apex Reigns30Acum 4 luni
  • Mikey could literally walk in on his girl in bed with another dude and he’ll be like “oh im sorry i’ll come back later” 🤦🏻‍♀️

    SandySandyAcum 4 luni
  • Mikey is GOAT. 😂

    AkshatAkshatAcum 4 luni
  • Mikey bruh 😂🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂. Even after knowing what’s going on he still lost 😂

    ATBATBAcum 4 luni
  • 1:08 😂😂😂

    sravan sujithsravan sujithAcum 4 luni
  • Mikey knows what to do

    mallesh bmallesh bAcum 4 luni
  • 1:08 oh Mikey

    Emalee JuneEmalee JuneAcum 4 luni
  • I mean mikey prob just didnt want to get involved because look how awkward it was for all the other friends

    Dark ParadoxDark ParadoxAcum 4 luni
  • OMG WOW...Hugo is the best friend ever..

    randy lalrinsangarandy lalrinsangaAcum 4 luni
  • XD Mikey is LEGEND!!!! Didn’t even hear a thing when he on his phone.

    Poe KloPoe KloAcum 5 luni
  • Legend says Mikey is still playing the game..!! 😂😂😂😂

    Jayasingh RathodJayasingh RathodAcum 5 luni
  • 1:18 who saw that stare 🧐

    Brendon.Brendon.Acum 5 luni
  • Her pants are really white

    Sr RSr RAcum 5 luni
  • Slaiman's sister Tamara was so brave to speak up for Kate and telling on Slaiman even when he is her brother. Girl has values

    Beatriz Alvarez BeltranBeatriz Alvarez BeltranAcum 5 luni
  • Hehehe

    Nirmal SookdeoNirmal SookdeoAcum 5 luni
  • I LOVE MIKEY ... he freaking unknowingly pranked them ... they were like wtf ... he’s just playing his game with not a care in the world 😂😂😂 ... yess

    Jackie HolleyJackie HolleyAcum 5 luni
  • I love Mike's reaction 4:30

    Tae Manx2Tae Manx2Acum 5 luni
  • #teamhugo

    BudsyefBudsyefAcum 5 luni
  • Mike was so lost 😂💫

    Szymon S1Szymon S1Acum 5 luni
  • Honestly, i never come in between my friends relationships, i'm just minding my own business (just like Mikey did). In this case though: Tamara is really a sweetheart, took this really how it should! And man, out of the whole bunch i really like Hugo and Jake the most. What a great guy's (and friends), i want them as friends too! 😎

    Laurent de backerLaurent de backerAcum 5 luni
  • It’s actually sad when your own sibling doesn’t have your back 🤦‍♂️

    Juseenthan KulendiranJuseenthan KulendiranAcum 6 luni
  • Hugo can be a great lawyer. He can gather evidence like so quickly!😂🙌🏻

    sharath 007sharath 007Acum 6 luni
  • Well that mickey looks like scoobydoo

    issa Ayashissa AyashAcum 6 luni
  • do more pranks like this one!

    AndrecolegioAndrecolegioAcum 6 luni
  • Mikey is a MOOD

    Teodora KrminacTeodora KrminacAcum 6 luni
  • Can’t beat loyal friends, maybe Mikey is Steve 😂

    Charlie DallachieCharlie DallachieAcum 6 luni
  • I watch this so many times and I always piss myself with laughter when I watch Mikey 😂😂😂😂

    CaseyCaseyAcum 6 luni
  • Your friends are awesome..

    cikgu shazwancikgu shazwanAcum 6 luni
  • i love mikey 😭

    Cassie ClelandCassie ClelandAcum 6 luni
  • Fucking Mikey 😂😂😂

    YoutubaholicYoutubaholicAcum 6 luni
  • 1:07 Mike ? R u ok? 😂

    a ka kAcum 6 luni

    Anonymous PersonAnonymous PersonAcum 6 luni
  • 4:41 Jake became EDM with the way he said "dude" many times 🤣

    Anonymous PersonAnonymous PersonAcum 6 luni

    Anonymous PersonAnonymous PersonAcum 6 luni
  • 1:08 dude on the right look very suspicious

    HuShHuShAcum 6 luni
  • Hugo & Tamara do not condone cheating at ALL! Jake would address it but not blatantly. Whilst Mikey is the type that certainly won't meddle in people's drama & let them figure it out themselves😆

    Potli ChwaanePotli ChwaaneAcum 6 luni
  • Are you both married yet

    Phil CorralPhil CorralAcum 6 luni
  • Mikey is a human Labrador. Love it 😂

    nineteen96nineteen96Acum 6 luni
  • You guys have awsome friends I can't even call anyone in contacts a friend 😑 but it's cool

    Snow BlaccSnow BlaccAcum 6 luni
  • No doubt im telling Slaiman for sure i dont want him dating someone who is having an "affair" with someone else ITS HEART BREAKING(if i was his friend)

    Peter OPeter OAcum 6 luni
  • Mikey killed me😂😂😂

    John RonanJohn RonanAcum 6 luni
  • Mikey no snitch.

    ArunArunAcum 6 luni
  • Mike is so dumb omg

    jendog101jendog101Acum 6 luni
  • Aww Tamara is so sweet! Jake was just outta there hahaha

    Wow2988Wow2988Acum 6 luni
  • Mikey is me when family is over

    FootyManagerTVFootyManagerTVAcum 6 luni
  • Man i love mikey hes such a chilled person lol hes like no what i didnt here Kate darn man i was so full of luaghs. U mnow im stuck in this country working and cant go home due to lockdown and all boring aint the word. But watching your pranks is making time go past faster thanx Slaiman and Kate

    Leon Van der waltLeon Van der waltAcum 6 luni
  • Bro I love how mike is so lost in his own world 😂😂😂😂

    Alister WilsonAlister WilsonAcum 6 luni
  • Let’s predict the future Kate and slaiman at their 50-60s talking S: ummm kate pls now is the time tell me who steve is K: no one Mikey: chewing smile 😎

    himanshu pandyahimanshu pandyaAcum 6 luni
  • Tamara did t ninja technique to get rid of kate Very smart and sexy tamara

    himanshu pandyahimanshu pandyaAcum 6 luni
  • Mikey be like Zero fucks given😎😎😎

    himanshu pandyahimanshu pandyaAcum 6 luni
  • HAHAHA Mikey at 1:10

    Reuben TamlynReuben TamlynAcum 6 luni
  • Mikey is my fave ever ❤️

    Rae AshleeRae AshleeAcum 6 luni
  • “Duuude”

    NK LPNK LPAcum 6 luni